Talent Engage

What's in it for you? 

Sort out all your contract admin in just a few clicks:

// Build and keep your professional profile and personal details up to date.
// Provide us with your preferences to help us find you the best jobs.
// Complete, sign and submit contracts and forms via your computer or mobile phone.
// Complete and submit timesheets and expenses online.

Now for the best part:

// Earn loyalty points for everyday activities to redeem rewards and benefits.
// Gain free access to over 25,000 online skill development courses, from technology and digital to business and management programs.
// Receive support on a range of financial, leasing and insurance products.
// Access a range of exclusive benefits including travel, wellbeing and entertainment.

What's in it for your business?

If having happier and more engaged contractors isn't enough of a perk for you, there’s more:

  • Accurate availability dates of contractors.

  • Convenient contractor management.

  • Simple online review of timesheets and expenses.

  • Approve one or multiple timesheets instantly in a few clicks.

  • Find and review past timesheets.

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