Employer Branding

You know what’s great about your company, but do your candidates?

Why is this important?

The war for talent has never been so intense. Most candidates receive approximately 3 counter offers when on the job hunt, and that’s not all you have to worry about. With mounting discussion around flexible work, development opportunities and salaries on the rise, you need to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward, as well as making a pretty big song and dance about it. That’s where employer branding comes to the party.

Giving a purpose to why your people should take pride in their work can make a big impact. In a candidate short market it is important to break from the pack to attract the best people.  


How do we tackle this?

Just like the best things in life, it’s what on the inside that matters. Your employer brand stems from many different channels, many of which are embedded into the everyday workings of your company.

Gaining insight into why your people love their jobs is a great place to start, and quickly highlights potential opportunities we may consider down the line. This enables us to put together a unique continuous improvement plan, to get your brand on track and on the radar for top talent.

We can create all sorts of things including unique workshops to refresh your EVP or how to evolve your brand from consumer and business based to include your employer brand. We work with your team to establish a range of different channels to promote your employer brand, such as career hubs, videos, landing pages and events. We also leverage our social media and professional networks to amplify your reach.  

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    Employee voice is 3x more credible than the CEO's when it comes to talking about working conditions in the company.

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    The #1 obstacle candidates experience is not knowing what it's like to work at an organisation. 

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    68% of millennials visit employee social media pages to evaluate the employer's brand.


Welcome to Talent Solutions and thanks for taking the time to look into employer branding. I’m Sarah Blanchard, Head of Client Success for Solutions. I have worked on many continuous improvement projects for all clients, little and big, in various different sectors, both domestically and internationally. If you have any questions about our Employer Branding services or just Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in general, I’d be happy to discuss this with you. Feel free to reach out via the links below!

- Sarah Blanchard, Chief Sales Officer EMEA

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