3 insights from Salesforce World Tour

As a recruiter specialised in the field of Salesforce CRM, I was delighted to attend Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2019. It’s so exciting to see how the world’s #1 CRM platform continues to innovate and shape so many industries.  There was a lot to take in, but here are my top three takeaways from the event:

1. Career opportunities are bright for Salesforce consultants

Digital transformation remains high on the agenda for most businesses, with Salesforce’s Trailblazer community growing at a rapid rate. On the day, we heard from Telstra, News Corp Australia, Spotlight, and Westpac about how they are using the Customer Success Platform to create connected customer experiences, learn new skills, innovate at their companies, and shape the future. All of this transformation means anyone experienced in Salesforce, from development and implementation through to Marketing Cloud has got a solid career ahead of them that can transcend industries and sectors.

2. Salesforce is committed to fostering innovation in Australia

To coincide with World Tour, Salesforce announced a $50 million Australia Trailblazer Fund from Salesforce Ventures. The fund will invest in local innovative products and services that can integrate with Salesforce products and solutions. Over 10 years, Salesforce Ventures has invested in around 240 companies, including Australian ventures Socialsuite, Bugcrowd and Arxxus. This announcement shows they have serious confidence in Aussie innovation, and are willing to back it – which is great news for our economy.

3. The future is now

The 4th industrial revolution has already begun and companies are realising they need more than just technology to be ahead of the game. Salesforce have estimated that “76% of teams using AI have increased sales rep since 2015”. To keep up with this trend, Salesforce have launched Einstein Voice. Through the use of AI, you can now speak to Salesforce and the system will be updated automatically, all through voice recognition. Entering this new era is resulting in an entirely different interaction with the Salesforce product, allowing for a whole new level of customer experience.

I am excited to see what the future holds- what’s next Salesforce?