Diversity in tech – how the startup community can work to create a more inclusive future

Diversity is, without a doubt, one of the hottest topics in the tech industry right now. While the need for and benefits of diversity have been much discussed, we still have a long way to go towards actually implementing policies that lead to diverse, high-performing teams in every tech business and startup across the world.


On Wednesday 28th November, our Berlin team met up with over 60 members of the Berlin tech community for an exciting networking event. Over the course of the night, we heard from tech leaders working to promote diversity within their workforce and discussed potential solutions with the audience – all around a few drinks and a whole lot of pizza!


Diversity in tech – the event


As a recruitment company, we know how important it is to build diverse teams – particularly for startups. Which is why we’re so passionate about making these kinds of discussions happen and harness the power of our connections within the startup world to create change.


The evening featured a fantastic panel of speakers from the Berlin tech community: Manjuri Sinha, Global Tech Talent Acquisition Lead at Zalando, Brian Calhoun, CTO at image recognition startup Geenee, Victor Asante-Kyei, front-end engineer (formerly of HelloFresh) and passionate diversity advocate, and Martina Mitz, UX psychologist and consultant.


Following the speakers, Talent’s very own EU Director, Stuart Day, moderated a Q&A panel featuring Rebecca Trowell, Talent’s Chief People Officer, Daria Suvorova, Legal and Blockchain Consultant at Blockbay, Stuart B. Cameron, CEO at PANDA, and Carolina Betancourt, Application and Program Manager at Henkel.


Over the course of the night, we also heard from the audience – diversity and inclusion being such an emotive subject, many questions were asked and solutions proposed. Unfortunately, we ran out of time for the Q&A portion and were left with still more questions to be answered – so keep your eye out for a part two!


Diversity in tech – the key takeaways


Here are the main insights we took from the event:


It’s hard to find great people from any background.


Women and minorities are often afraid to speak up and don’t negotiate as hard as men.


Diversity isn’t just KPIs! We must not forget we’re talking about people.


Embrace the uncomfortable – diversity is a sensitive subject, but we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss it.


Practice empathy.


Diversity is meaningless if it’s not supported by a culture of inclusiveness.


Much remains to be discussed. We’re still only scratching the surface of this incredibly important topic, and we’re getting ready to carry on the discussion at future events. Register your interest now for part two of our diversity in tech event!