It’s fantastic to be part of a team with such a commitment to changing the face of the recruitment industry. There is a real sense of purpose which is shared across the business, and a real camaraderie – whichever office you are part of. We’re really excited for what’s ahead!

Will, Director - Digital // New York

Talent gave me the opportunity to leverage my background and experience in the industry while giving me the freedom to find success in a way that was authentic and in line with my personal values. I’ve had the opportunity to help build an incredible team, define our culture and work with our teams around the world, you can’t find that anywhere else!

Erin, Associate Director // San Francisco

I joined Talent to make a difference to people in a positive manner. Too many recruitment companies are focused on profit at all cost; Talent is truly different. The values and vision of the company are lived, not simply spoken, at all levels throughout the company.

Colin, CEO – North America // San Francisco

Since I started at Talent I’ve felt tremendously supported by Colin Etheridge, CEO for North America, and have been given the freedom to grow my business the way that best suits me which has resulted in much success both for Talent and for myself. It’s been a privilege to be part of the expansion into the US market and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such an incredibly gifted and passionate team.

Claire Perry, Director Life Sciences // San Francisco

As an Account Manager and recruiter at Talent I love that we have the opportunity to carve out our own identity in the U.S. market. Talent allows me to make decisions that I think are the right decisions for the business and my clients, as well as providing leadership advice to help where they can.

Curtis, Account Manager - Life Sciences // San Francisco

When I first joined Talent it was immediately clear that they strive to recruit differently. Taking more time to connect with candidates and clients on a personal level. On a daily basis I find myself easily having a good time with my colleagues while simultaneously sourcing quality candidates.

Jason, Tech and Life Sciences Recruiter // San Francisco

Life at Talent has afforded me the opportunity to make a real impact! I’m encouraged to make a real connection with each and every person I interact with. I love building lasting relationships that matter and here at Talent we’re real people, doing good in the world while making a difference.

Erin, Associate Director: Tech // San Francisco

Talent saw the potential in me and I took a leap of faith with my next career move and I couldn't be happier. #BreakingFromThePack and connecting people to their dream job are what brings me happiness and it’s been an absolute pleasure coming to work and really make an impact on the world of recruitment at Talent

Leo, Recruiter // San Francisco

Working at Talent has been nothing but a true statement as to how a professional staffing firm should be run. Talent is one of the rarest companies where you can experience pure joy, authenticity, and excitement. I’m proud to be a part of a growing company that “Gives a damn”.

Allen, VP of Software Technology // San Francisco

I have been given amazing support transitioning to a consultant role. At Talent, no matter what section of the business you work in, everyone is always happy to help out, offer advice or just have a chat. We are a very social bunch and I love being able to work somewhere that I am so proud of.

Rosie Willson, Senior Candidate Manager // Sydney

At Talent you are given the opportunity to explore and try new things. There’s a big focus on striving for better – everyone goes the extra mile and doesn’t just settle for “good enough.” It’s motivating to be in such a driven environment.

Cameron Moffatt, Social Media Executive // Wellington